Terms & Conditions

1 - What is pandoraflora.com

pandoraflora.com is an online gift shop managed by Nantong Cuckoo Technology Co. Ltd. The business was founded in 2014, cooperating with over 3000 local stores in China (Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Guangzhou, Nanjing, Tianjin Etc.) We manage the delivery of fresh flowers, roses, bears and toys, also birthday cakes. The flowers are picked up and shipped directly from Kunming (city of flower) to make sure they be fresh. We also promise the birthday cakes are made the same day of delivery date. pandoraflora.com have managed to serve thousands global clients to send flowers and gifts with our good products and service.

2 - Where can pandoraflora.com delivers?

All mainland cities in China. Such as Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, Guangzhou, Tianjin, Shenzhen, Jinan, Xi'an, Chengdu, Hangzhou, Zhuhai, Kunming, Chongqin etc. Over 400 cities.

3 - Does pandoraflora.com support same day delivery? What products support same day delivery?

Roses and flowers, Birthday cakes, Chocolates(if delivery together with flowers), fruit baskets support same day free delivery. (Bears and toys, Chocolates, Perfumes, Special gifts arrive inside 72 hours).

As long as the order is been purchased before midday of Beijing time, pandoraflora.com supports same day delivery if its required by you. Click here http://time.is/Beijing to check beijing time.

4 - Do I have to pay delivery fee?

All products in our shop support to delivery with Free delivery fee EXCEPT the delivery location of FRESH FLOWERS is REALLY far away from the city area(such as country side) which is really RARE to happen. Delivery fee might charges between 5USD-15USD depends on the distance.

5 - Can I choose the exact date to deliver?

Roses and flowers, Birthday cakes, Chocolates (if delivery together with flowers), Fruit baskets are available to choose the delivery date. Simply choose the delivery date in the option of a product detail page. However we always call the recipient to be sure he/she will be at the place of the delivery in the moment of the delivery (we can call withing 2 days before the delivery). Toys and gifts are not sold by us, we just do the service of buying and send to the recipient. So when order this from us, is not a product we offer, like everything in our website is a service we do.

6 - Do the flowers and be same as the picture shows? And birthday cakes?

Different seasons, different shape of flowers will make the flowers look different, but we ensure that the wrapper and look of flowers be mostly look like it is showing in the website. To birthday cakes, we can make sure it will look exactly like the picture shows, also with brilliant taste.

7 - Can I make sure what I bought will be delivered?

We will try our best to make sure the receiver get the product in time. but in individual cases such as, receiver is not at the location of the address, or the location been changed on the way of delivering, we would connect with receivers to plan for another delivery.

8 - Can the products be refunded?

Pandoraflora.com guarantees to refund 100% of the products if they can not be delivered to the receiver due to our fault (bad quality product, wrong delivered product, not delivered product). But if the receiver declined the product(if its not because the product reason itself), the product will not be refund.

The products can be refunded if it has quality problems. Refunding process takes up to 48 hours.

9 - Can I leave gift card message?

pandoraflora.com provides free gift cards together with the products.

10 - Are the toys delivered by pandoraflora.com

The toys and gifts (doesn’t include flowers and cakes) in pandoraflora.com website are delivered by delivery agency, for this kinda of product we just provide the service of buying it and deliver it for the client (Courier), and for this reason it can take 72 hours to it be delivered after it is arranged by us.

Leave the comment of your order if you have any special requests, pandoraflora.com will try our best to fulfill it.

Thank you for choosing pandoraflora.com