About Us

Pandoraflora.com was founded in 2015 managed by Nantong Cuckoo Technology Co. Ltd. In 5years, we have maintained to cooperation with over 3000 local stores in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and over 200 cities of China. In pandoraflora.com We promise that you can get the best service among all the same business. We don’t just try to fulfill the order, we try to make sure all the receivers can get the products with happiness, so do the clients.

Before purchasing any product, please DO read our delivery information. There you will have a brief knowledge about pandoraflora.com and where we can deliver to. pandoraflora.com supports delivery products to all big cities of China (Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Guangzhou etc.) with free delivery fee.

pandoraflora.com is also able to search and deliver any kind of gifts you might want to surprise your beloved one. If you are looking for any of the products which is not in our product list, contact with us by live chat , social network or email, with a slight service fee, we can make this happen.