Pink Roses

What is the Pink Rose Meaning

      Pink Rose Meaning - For What Occasion?


        There is very little that can impress a woman more than being sent a flower arrangement. Pink roses are a lovely and elegant flower to receive.  The aura of romance, love, and history that surrounds the pink rose is indisputable.   Floriography, or the language of flowers, dates from the Victorian Era and is a complex and a secret language with many levels of meaning, was used to send messages about emotions and such to others that they were not willing or able to speak of.  While the language of flowers included a wide variety of flowers, plants, and herbs the pink rose has been around longest.

        So What is the Pink Rose Meaning

        The pink rose is the oldest of rose colors. It has been depicted in art longer than any other color. The pink rose can mean a variety of things.  As the language of flowers was complicated with the meaning of the flowers changing with the number of flowers, types of flowers and herbs it was with and many other factors. Even the absence of thorns and even the hue of the rose could prove significant in determining the message.  Generally, the pink rose indicates love and gratitude.

        Examples of the Pink Rose Varied Meanings:

        A light pink rose:   Generally is an expression of sympathy or condolences. It can also mean admiration, poise, grace and joy.

        A pink rose:  Indicates happiness, you could give pink roses to indication your happiness with the relationship of the recipient. This rose could also indicate that you admire the person’s gentleness and grace.

        A dark pink rose:  This rose usually means thank you.

        A pink rose with no thorns could indicate that the giver has loved the recipient since they first saw them, or love at first sight and happiness.

        Rosebuds indicate youth, beauty and innocent heart, so a pink rosebud could mean an innocent and happy heart.

        Pink Rose Meaning in Combination with Other Colors:

        A pink rose with red roses could indicate your happiness with the relationship with the person you love.

        A bouquet of pink and white roses can express your appreciation of joyful ness and innocence.

        The pink rose with its long and well known history indicating happiness, joy, grace, gentleness, thank you and condolences make this rose color the most versatile of all.  Used in combination with other colors it can indicate happiness and joy and make a beautiful bouquet even more spectacular.  When using the art of floriography (language of flowers) it is often wise to include a card with a personal message to reinforce the meaning the language of flowers is not commonly known today.